espirometria brussels viagra,sq In ergospirometry parameters that indicate the capacity and exercise tolerance are valued both athlete, cardiac and sedentary people going to start physical activity, that allow us to monitor your progress at different times of adaptation to exercise, can in this way, have tools to identify training.

In stress testing is also assessing whether the response to exercise is a physiological or pathological alteration present in a case that could limit or contraindicate exercise training or sports activity.

Ergoespirometria 2That is ergospirometry O TEST CARDIOPULMONARY? The stress test in which we introduce systems measurement of respiratory gas exchange and pulmonary ventilation during exercise, This is done simultaneously with the exercise test, through the use of a gas analyzer, which is coupled via a mask on the patient and has rosto extremely sensitive sensors, innumerable variables detecting ventilatory, as the maximum oxygen consumption, best known for VO2max. Although many found that VO2max is the most important data collected through ergospirometry, The most relevant information is the ventilatory I Limiar (also known by Lamiar Anaerobic) and ventilatory Limiar II (also known for Respiratory Compensation Point), these parameters indicate the ideal areas to aerobic training. Also, VO2max helps the athlete obtain information about their potential for long-term tests and practitioners to prescribe physical activity to their patients.

This type of test assesses the response of the oxygen transport system and energy metabolism in a planned effort, physiological aspects of fitness in patients ,and athletic performance such as energy efficiency, The maximum oxygen consumption and metabolic transition zones (aerobic and anaerobic thresholds)

– The results of the physiological tests allow us to provide a framework for other top athletes.
– This reference is useful in assessing the responses and adaptations of the organism to the training stimulus in highly trained athletes with performance a priority.
– In patients with some degree of heart disease, that would have to be active, has been, for many years, a definite reluctance on the part of professional medical advise when your sick, boot time and intensity of exercise, for fear of side effects, however there is evidence of benefits in the psychological realm and control of risk factors are absolutely necessary in the coronary, Cardiopulmonary so the test has become a useful tool to start program in these patients and sedentary patients who have multiple risk factors and have indication of a physical activity supervised physical activity.

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