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We work with excellence required to meet the goal of providing the best service of cardiological health, with individualized attention, with quality and warmth and a safe environment ...

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The most advanced technology supports the clinical and surgical decisions cardiac pathology ...


The treatment of cardiovascular disease is aimed at recovering the injured area, if this would be possible, and to prevent another episode of lack of blood supply repeat ...




Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (ECV) in serious condition, It has certain characteristics that differentiate it from the other patients in the same state for other reasons. Generally they have the peculiarity of being a cooperative patient, interactive, perhaps it favored by the peculiarities of the disease, allowing proper communication, and exchange


Cardiac rehabilitation is the set of activities necessary to ensure cardiac patients physical condition, mental and social optimum that allows them to take on their own as normal a place as possible to them in society. In the rehabilitation team is also the physiotherapist ...

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