Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

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Cardiac rehabilitation consists of two main parts:

  • Training exercise to help you learn to exercise in a safe and healthy way, strengthen your muscles, and improve their physical endurance. The plan will respond to exercise their skills, needs and interests.
  • Education, counseling, and training that will enable you to understand your heart condition and find ways to reduce the risk of other heart problems in the future. The cardiac rehabilitation group will help you learn to tolerate the emotional stress in trying to adapt to his new lifestyle.

Cardiac rehabilitation services are generally taught in groups, but in the plan of each patient always take into account their individual needs and specific risk factors.

Cardiac rehabilitation helps you identify the bad habits that have, and to replace them with healthy habits. Rehabilitation services can last 6 weeks, 6 months, or longer. It is important to continue with all the elements of your cardiac rehabilitation until they have completed.

Although it seems that his rehabilitation is difficult, This effort will provide benefits for life.


Cardiac rehabilitation is not dangerous. Studies indicate that serious health problems resulting from rehabilitation exercises are rare. The group of cardiac rehabilitation is trained to handle emergencies that may arise. Also, your doctor can help you choose the best and safe services where appropriate. Once you set an individual plan, many patients can exercise without danger, and unattended.

To assess the reaction and adaptation of his heart to exercise is an important part of cardiac rehabilitation. To do this, that can be connected to an electrocardiogram machine (sample paper beats and your heart function) while exercising. If rehabilitation is carried out at home, can connect you with a special monitor in the hospital through the telephone line; or it may be that you have to phone the rehabilitation group to report their condition. In other circumstances, check your pulse yourself or evaluates how much effort is made in the exercise.


Las goals of each plan Cardiac rehabilitation is different for each patient. By setting their own goals, the rehabilitation group takes into account your overall health, your specific heart problem, risk factors, the recommendations of your doctor and, of course, their own preferences.

Cardiac rehabilitation can reduce your symptoms and the likelihood that this other heart problems in the future. It has many other benefits.

  • Exercise improves your muscles, gives you more energy and make you feel better emotionally. Helps your heart and gives you more strength to your body. The exercise will also allow you to return to work and other activities sooner.
  • A healthy diet can reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood, weight control, and help you control your blood pressure and other problems such as diabetes. Also, will feel better and have more energy.
  • Rehabilitation services can help you stop smoking. Stopping smoking reduces the risk of diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis. It also reduces the chance of heart attacks, stroke, and other heart and blood vessel problems. You will have more energy and health.
  • You can learn how to better handle situations that cause emotional stress and have better control of your life. Feeling good emotionally will help improve the condition of your heart.

Aerobic exercise increases the rate of your pulse and makes you perspire (sweat). Improves circulation of oxygen-rich blood to all parts of the body. Weight training increases muscle strength and tolerance. Both types of exercise, when done properly, are safe and beneficial for the heart.

Your life depends on your ability to do daily habits of all recommendations of rehabilitation services.

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