Lose weight gain health

Benefits of weight loss:

Son innumerables. Not only do we provide a physical, but also psychological, helping us to overcome obstacles and achieve new goals that we would think that we could never get them. From a physiological standpoint and health, major improvements that occur in our body are as follows:

  • Significant lowering cholesterol and reducing triglycerides (fat).
  • Lowers blood pressure and , therefore, the risk of myocardial infarction in adults.
  • Significant improvement of physical mobility.
  • Prevention of heart diseases.
  • Decreased risk of overweight and diabetes (over 80% people with diabetes are overweight).
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  • Prevention of developing arthritis (per kilo which increases the chances increased by 10%).
  • Disappearance of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, namely, annoying snoring.
  • Improved quality of life.

How I can lose those kilos to spare

There are various ways and procedures to establish ourselves in our ideal weight. All require a fundamental factor when run: constancy. Being steadfast in our goal will achieve expected results. Also, of all the methods available to lose weight, ideally combine them so that we can complement each other to make visible the results:

Diet. Knowing what to eat are important regardless of whether we want to lose weight in the. The fundamental pillars of good nutrition are: respect the four meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner), eat a variety of foods, avoid excess saturated fat, Eating foods with plant fiber, avoid excess sugar and salt, consume the minimum amount of daily vitamins and minerals, etc.. This is the basis of good nutrition but if you want to apply a certain diet for a particular purpose, as can be to lose weight, should be consulted nutritionists what to eat for. Diet

Daily physical activity and exercise. WHO (World Health Organization) minimum recommended 150 weekly minutes of aerobic physical activity of at least character 10 minutes each session. Walk, run, or exercise at home are essential for weight loss. In a more specialized form, gyms and personal trainers that these exercises will be more individualized to the needs of each person.

Sport is health and it is an ideal means to take away those leftover kilos. There are countless benefits of being fit and weight perfect, and as for the self there is nothing better than feeling good in the mirror for a long time.

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