M.A.P.A. Holter Arterial Tension


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Allows monitoring of heart rate over a full day. The patient should take note of the possible alterations that perceived during this time.

The Holter is a small electronic device that records and stores the patient's electrocardiogram for at least 24 hours. Often used in patients with suspected cardiac arrhythmia or to diagnose silent ischemia.

How does the Holter
The patient is placed in the chest several electrodes connected to a Holter the size of a mobile telephone. Elapsed recording time, the device connects to a computer where all data collected are downloaded, processed and useful information on heart rate and possible get holterweb 2rhythm disturbances.

When symptoms are sporadic, conventional Holter has limited effectiveness, since the registration period may not coincide with the time when that particular symptom manifests. In these cases using an implantable Holter, smaller size, that is placed under the skin and stays there until the event occurs. Then, patient comes to the cardiologist for the episode data is collected through a special programmer.

The activity during these 24 hours should be absolutely normal. The patient will receive a sheet with your data and the start time of the recording, where possible incidents recorded in receipt (palpitations, dizziness, chest pain, etc.). This will allow the specialist analyze electrocardiogram recording right on the time the trouble occurred.

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