Importance of exercise in Cardiovascular Health

Importance of diet on cardiovascular health
February 20, 2015
Campaña de Prevención de Enfermedades Cardiovascular
May 29, 2015
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Regular physical activity

People who exercise regularly have better cardiovascular health, which in turn decreases the risk of CHD. Exercise, besides helping weight control, helps reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure, both protective factors against EC. It also promotes better circulation and the formation of new blood vessels.

For its benefits, must be at least 30 minutes daily, but ideally should be 60. When unable to exercise for one continuous hour, They can be allocated 60 minute intervals 10 has to be made during the course of the day. Despite what you may believe, exercise is an essential component of a cardiac rehabilitation program after a cardiac event.

The practice of some form of moderate exercise has many benefits for your health:

  • Less risk factors:
    Exercise helps reduce LDL "bad” (LDL), increasing HDL "good” (HDL).
    It also helps to reduce blood pressure levels, and to lose weight and not gain it back.
  • Fewer injuries and fractures:
    Exercise improves bone density, promotes the binding of calcium in the bones, avoiding the risk of injuries and fractures, and prevents muscle strain.
  • Less Stress:
    Exercise reduces stress and anxiety, it will increase the production of endorphins, hormones that are linked to the feeling of wellbeing.
    Before starting an exercise program to reduce cardiovascular risk is IMPORTANT seek medical.

If you suffer from cardiovascular disease is advisable from a comprehensive clinical diagnosis, including a stress test.

In general, is preferable to perform some type of aerobic sport, allowing moving many parts of the body at once, like swimming or biking. Regular practice of this type of exercise has proven cardiovascular benefits.

Avoid overexertion. If you're not used to exercising, should start practicing moderation. Progressively, You can go increased the intensity of exercise, but always avoiding too tired.

Practice not only prevents cardiovascular diseases but it will allow us back the effects thereof, according to the World Health Organization (O.M.G), Do exercise and avoid delay the onset of osteoporosis, and in those who suffer can reverse its effects, so do not expect to be overweight or cardiovascular problems for exercise, not expect an adult to start, because if you do it from young outweigh the benefits they have over your life.

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