diclofenac gel,gl Electroc 1The heart produces a small electric current in each beat. This current is recorded by a device called an electrocardiograph and drawing obtained , called electrocardiogram (ECG)
The ECG is a simple test, but gives a lot of information. This allows to analyze the heart rhythm and determines whether in many cases lack supply to the heart

The electrocardiogram recorded on paper the changes that occur in the small electrical currents that occur in the heart with each beat. Alterations in the path are essential for the analysis of arrhythmias and useful in acute episodes of coronary heart disease such as myocardial infarction. In some situations, further information Electroc 2obtained in the electrocardiogram, doctors turn to other imaging techniques in stress echocardiography.

How electrocardiogram performed

Nurse electrocardiograph leads connected to the skin by means of adhesive or vacuum (electrodes) subject to the ankles, wrists and chest of the patient. Thus, the same signal is collected from different positions.

The electrocardiogram is no discomfort. They should remain lying, relaxed, without speaking, with normal breathing and with his arms and legs still.

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