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Lifestyle and diet are essential for cardiovascular health, according to new recommendations from the American Heart Association (AHA, for its acronym in English). Rather than talking about food, U.S. experts focus attention on the quality of life to prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease; its recommendations, recently published in the journal Circulation, target the entire population.

Follow these 10 AHA tips for a healthy heart and improve your quality of life:

1.- Leads an active life: It is recommended that all adults be 30 the more minutes of physical activity, every day of the week. If the goal is weight loss, should practice 60 minutes of exercise daily.

2.- Avoid consumption or exposure to snuff: Smoking is linked to cancer and cardiovascular disorders, watch your environment and especially your health.

3.- Maintain a normal blood pressure, underneath 120/80 mm/Hg: The levels may be modified by diet, physical activity and psychosocial factors. Low salt intake (ideally below 1.5 g/día), increased potassium intake, reduces the calories and consume alcohol moderately.

4.- Consume fruits and vegetables: Food intake is recommended as spinach, carrots, peaches to strawberries, because it has higher content of micronutrients. On the other hand, AHA insists that the juice is not equivalent to a fruit on its content of fiber or ability of satiety; also warns of the importance of food preparation to preserve their properties.

5.- Limit the intake of trans fats and saturated: Food of animal origin (red meat and cow's milk) are those containing the highest number of saturated fat; while trans are present in fried foods, preparations and industrial cupcake. The AHA suggests that consumption of these products is below 7% and cholesterol intake does not reach the 300 mg.

6.- Decrease consumption of sugary drinks, and alcohol: By reducing the intake of these products the amount of calories in the body is reduced.

7.- Includes fish and whole grains to your diet: Fiber modestly reduces levels of bad cholesterol and promotes satiety to produce a slow stomach emptying. It is recommended that at least half of the grains whole. Fish such as salmon, sardines or tuna, having a high oleic and linoleic fatty acids, associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

8.- Focus your attention to special groups: There is increasing obesity among young. For this reason, is advisable to start a healthy diet and physical activity since the early years of life. As for the elderly, because the frequency of cardiovascular disorders occur, are asked to go to a doctor to advise them on the type of nutrients they should eat. People with diseases such as metabolic syndrome or chronic renal failure should follow specific recommendations as: a very low fat and calorie diet, increase their physical activity to lose weight, and consume little salt.

9.- A healthy sex life: The American Heart Association says there is no reason why heart patients or heart attack survivors can not resume full sexual activity as soon as you feel ready to do so. Specialists emphasize that physical activity in cardiac patients is important for sexual rehabilitation without major problems.

10.- Playing sports is the best tool for maintaining a healthy heart: Experts note that the response to exercise is different in women compared to men, because female characteristics as cardiovascular heart size, less development of the rib cage and a smaller amount of blood, inter.

Finally, the recommendations of the American Heart Association focus to realize the type of food consumed, calorie intake and portion sizes, which tends to be increasingly higher. Although some forms of life can not be changed, yes you can modify subsequent behavior as: spend less time in front of the TV or computer screen, and devote more hours to walk or exercise practice. This would contribute to our cardiovascular health is better.
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