How to deal with a stroke?

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January 28, 2015
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January 28, 2015
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This stroke occurs every year between 120.000 and 130.000 people
Did you know that stroke is the second cause of death, first among women? In fact, affects every year between 120.000 and 130.000 people. For this reason, besides trying to prevent it, should know how to deal with this stroke.

A stroke is caused by the interruption of blood flow to part of the brain (cerebral ischemia) or rupture of an artery or vein cerebral. Put like, seems difficult to know when someone is having a stroke. However, There are certain symptoms:

  • Changes sudden or gradual loss of consciousness.
  • Uncoordinated movements.
  • Alterations in muscle tone (especially in the muscles of the face): asks the victim to teach teeth and if one moves one side of the face or movement is asymmetric, the brain is affected.
  • Trouble speaking or swallowing.
  • Loss of motion and strength in arms or legs.
  • Severe headache and sudden.
  • Confusion. Mental and emotional state similar to drunkenness without having consumed alcohol.

If you notice any of these symptoms, notes what to do to save the life of that person. First, Instead, loosen clothing so you can breathe well and, then. Explain to the emergency are the symptoms and time are those who have begun.

Then, Tomb victim with his head and shoulders slightly raised, supported, for example, a pillow, cushion, jacket, etc.. Try the atmosphere is relaxed, no noise, and if it would make very cold or very hot environment, fits the clothes of the victim to the temperature.

If the person becomes unconscious, check breathes to place in recovery position (then, monitors your breathing) the, in the worst case, start CPR.

When emergency services arrive, explain to them what has happened. And remember that you should never:

  • Give food or drink to the victim, because it can choke.
  • Forcing you to talk or move.
  • Administer any medication.
  • Try holding the victim if seizures occur or shaken. Avoid, even so, harm is done.
  • Mobilising the neck or put things tight.
  • Leave her alone.
  • Move directly to the victim for your media without waiting for the emergency services.

Before a stroke

Arrange the victim: ensures that the environment is tranuilo, without excessive noise, and seeks to breathe well (desobróchale shirt, pants, peel off the scarf, etc.)
Emergency call and explain the detected symptoms and time which began
Cushion: Tomb victim with his head and shoulders slightly raised. Use a cushion, a pillow, etc..
Unconsciousness: and breathe, place it in recovery position. Otherwise, start CPR

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